Saturday, October 8, 2011

Historic Destinations in Lexington Massachusetts

Revolutionary war buffs have plenty to see in Lexington:
  • Lexington Battle Green - Site of the first battle of the revolutionary war.
  • Minute Man Statue - On the edge of the battle green.
  • National Heritage Museum - Includes a standing exhibit on the events leading up to the revolution. 
  • Minute Man National Historical Park - Includes a must-see, multi-media presentation on the events of the Lexington-Concord battles
  • Lexington Visitors Center - A great start to a visit including souvenirs and tickets to the various historic buildings. 
Historic buildings with tours:
  • Buckman Tavern - The tavern was where the minutemen met before that first battle.
  • Hancock-Clark House - Home where Samuel Adams and John Hancock were warned that the British were coming by Paul Revere. 
  • Munroe Tavern - This is the tavern that served as British headquarters.