Monday, October 22, 2012

John Harrington House

Sign on the right:

House of
Jonathan Harrington
Who wounded on the common
April 19 1775
Dragged himself to the door
and died at his wife's feet

Sign on the left:

Here lived
John Augustus,
Friend of the
poor victims
of the law
Pioneer in

First Teachers' College

This building is now the Masonic lodge building for Simon W. Robinson lodge.  The sign reads:

(caption on drawing) A student's drawing of the Normal School, 1843

First Teacher's College

This building was constructed in 1822 to house the Lexington Academy, a private school. In 1839, Horace Mann, Secretary to the Massachusetts Board of Education, persuaded the state to establish the nation's first normal schools, or teacher's colleges. Classes were held here for women only (other schools were male only, or co-ed) for five years. When enrollment grew too large, the Board found new quarters in Newton.

After a colorful period when the building successively housed a church, a variety store and a movie theater, the Lexington Masons acquired it in the 1920s.

Memorial to the Lexington Minute Men of 1775

These men gave everything dear in life yea and life itself in support of the common cause

Memorial to the Lexington Minute Men of 1775

To the Lexington Minute Men who were on the green in the early morning engagement
April 19, 1775

Capt. John Parker
Lt. William Tidd
Ens. Robert Munroe
Ens. Joseph Simonds
Clerk Daniel Harrington
Orderly Sgt. William Munroe
Corp. Joel Viles
Corp. Samuel Sanderson
Corp. John Munroe
Corp. Ebenezer Parker
Drummer William Diamond
Piper Jonathan Harrington

Ebenezer Bowman
John Bridge, Jr.
James Brown
Solomon Brown
John Chandler
John Chandler Jr.
Joseph Comee
Robert Douglass
Isaac Durant
Prince Estabrook
Nathaniel Farmer
Isaac Green
William Grimes
Caleb Harrington
John Harrington
Jonathan Harrington, Jr.
Moses Harrington 3rd.
Moses Harrington Jr.
Thaddeus Harrington
Thomas Harrington
Isaac Hastings
Timothy Blogett
Samuel Hastings
Samuel Hadley
Thomast Hadley
John Hosmer
Micah Hagar
Amos Lock
Benjamin Lock
Ebenezer Lock
Reuben Lock
Abner Mead
Ebenezer Munroe, Jr.
Thaddeus Bowman Esq.
Jedediah Munroe
John Munroe, Jr.
Nathan Munroe
William Munroe 3rd.
Nathaniel Mulliken
Isaac Muzzy
John Muzzy
Jonas Parker
Jonas Parker, Jr.
Nathaniel Parkhurst
Solomon Pierce
Sgt. Francis Brown
Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed Jr.
Nathan Reed
John Robbins
??? Russell
Benjamin Sampson

Line of the Minute Men Stone Memorial

Line of the Minute Men
April 19, 1775

Stand your ground
Dont fire unless fired upon
But if they mean to have a war
Let it begin here
    Captain Parker

Munroe Tavern

Lexington Historical Society

Munroe Tavern 1735
British Field Hospital and Headquarters
April 19, 1775

Open for tours
Year-round by appointment

Friday, October 12, 2012

John Raymond Plaque Near the Munroe Tavern

John Raymond
On April 19, 1775 the British Regulars occupied Munroe Tavern during their retreat from Concord through Lexington toward Boston. John Raymont, a member of Captain Parker's Company, although unarmed, was shot and killed as he attempted to leave the tavern. He bacame the tenth citizen of Lexington to die at the hands of the Redcoats that day, leaving behind his widow Rebecca and five children under the age of twelve, the youngest not quite two years of age.